28-29 July 2011 Beijing, China
International Carbon Capture and Storage Conference

This Conference will asses the global status of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) development and ongoing challenges and opportunities and discuss how to promote CCS projects in developing countries. It will also address key challenges and barriers, as well as capture experiences and lessons learned from large-scale CCS projects. Rajendra Pachauri will be the keynote speaker. There will be other distinguished speakers from NDRC, IEA, Global CCS Institute, ADB, and World Bank.  

dates: 28-29 July 2011   venue: China World Hotel   location: Beijing, China   contact: Ashok Bhargava   phone: + 632 632 6387   www: http://beta.adb.org/news/events/international-carbon-capture-and-storage-ccs-conference  

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