14 September 2022 virtual
Interactive Policy Dialogue on the Environment-Health Nexus in Asia and the Pacific

ESCAP and IISD, in collaboration with FAO, UNEP and WHO and with financial support from the Wellcome Trust, will jointly organize this virtual Policy Dialogue to explore the following policy questions:

  • Why is the environment-health nexus important and relevant in Asia and the Pacific? Is health a “blind spot” in policies, norms, institutions, governance and metrics related to the environment – and vice versa? Is environment a blind spot for health?
  • How can the One Health approach contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What are the relationships between climate change, biodiversity, food systems, and health in the Asia-Pacific region, and what are the priority issues to address in the environment-health nexus, and in support of the One Health approach?
  • How are governments and other stakeholders coordinating and working across the human, livestock, wildlife, and environment sectors and applying and implementing the One Health approach in national and regional environmental and health policies and programmes? What are the priorities and gaps in the enabling environment and institutional frameworks and how can regional cooperation contribute?

The discussions at the Policy Dialogue will Inform policy guidance and action planning and will provide input for the upcoming ESCAP 7th Committee on Environment and Development at ministerial level and other intergovernmental processes and activities. 

date: 14 September 2022
location: virtual
www: https://www.unescap.org/events/2022/interactive-policy-dialogue-environment-health-nexus-asia-and-pacific

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