27 November 2012 Beijing, China
Integrated Approaches to Energy Technologies Workshop

This regional workshop, organized by the Network of Expertise in Energy Technology (NEET) and hosted by China’s Ministry for Science and Technology, will focus on integrated approaches to energy technologies. The workshop will consist of two sessions. The first one will be on energy security, economic growth and environmental protection, with a focus on sustainable supply, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and socio-economic issues. The second session will be on creating the right policy frameworks, focusing on how guidelines and tools can be designed for policy makers to make communities more energy efficient, to reduce GHG emissions in transportation and to develop long-term strategies and plans.  

date: 27 November 2012   venue: Tangla Hotel, 19, Fuxingmenwai Street, Chang’an Avenue, Beijing, PR China   location: Beijing, China   contact: Carrie Pottinger   e-mail: carrie.pottinger@iea.org   www: http://www.iea.org/media/workshops/2012/neetbeijing/Programme.pdf  

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