12 November 2014 worldwide
IEA World Energy Outlook 2014 Launch

The International Energy Agency's (IEA) 'World Energy Outlook 2014' (WEO 2014) report will be launched on 12 November. The 2014 edition will comprise an analysis of medium- and longer-term energy trends, including latest data and developments of relevance for energy security, the economy and the environment. The report will cover: oil, natural gas and renewables; energy efficiency; energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions; fossil-fuel and renewable energy subsidies; and universal access to modern energy services. WEO 2014 will also provide in-depth analyses on energy sector investment, Africa and nuclear power. The WEO Special Reports 'World Energy Investment Outlook' and 'Africa Energy Outlook' were released on 3 June and 13 October 2014, respectively.  

date: 12 November 2014  
location: worldwide  
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