27-28 January 2011 Dublin, Ireland
IEA Fuel Poverty Workshop: Evaluating the Co-Benefits of Low-Income Weatherisation Programmes

This workshop, hosted by Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI), will be the first of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy Efficiency Unit’s (EEU) new programmes of work on innovative energy efficiency policies for mitigating fuel poverty, aiming to overcome the problem of return on investments in weatherization by the poor. The workshop will address three categories of non-energy co-benefits (NEBs) for low-income energy efficiency programmes: utility/rate-payer benefits; societal economic benefits; and participant household benefits. In addition, discussions on methodologies for collecting, quantifying and evaluating NEBs are planned.  

dates: 27-28 January 2011   venue: Dublin Castle   location: Dublin, Ireland   contact: Grayson Heffner   e-mail: grayson.heffner@iea.org   www: http://www.iea.org/work/workshopdetail.asp?WS_ID=494