2 April 2012 New York City, US
High-Level Meeting on Happiness and Well-being

This High-Level Meeting will gather experts to work together to identify the measures, accounts and financial mechanisms required for a happiness-based economic model to be available for incorporation into national policies. The meeting follows UN General Assembly resolution A/65/L.86, introduced by Bhutan with support from 68 Member States, and unanimously adopted by the UN, which calls for a “holistic approach to development” aimed at promoting sustainable happiness and wellbeing.  

date: 2 April 2012   venue: UN Headquarters   location: New York, US   contact: Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Bhutan to the UN   www: http://world-happiness.org/upcoming-events/high-level-meeting-on-happiness-and-wellbeing-april-2-2012/  

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