6-10 June 2011 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
First Meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Nagoya Protocol on ABS

The first meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee of the CBD Nagoya Protocol on access to genetic resources and fair and equitable benefit-sharing is organized by the CBD Secretariat. The agenda includes issues related to capacity building, awareness-raising and compliance procedures. It will be preceded by a capacity-building workshop on the Nagoya Protocol, organized by the CBD Secretariat, to be held from 4-5 June 2011.  

dates: 6-10 June 2011   location: Montreal, Canada   contact: CBD Secretariat   phone: +1-514-288-2220   fax: +1-514-288-6588   e-mail: secretariat@cbd.int   www: http://enb.iisd.org/biodiv/icnp1/  

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