19 March 2014 Washington D.C., US
Fifteenth Rights and Resources Initiative Dialogue on Forests, Governance and Climate Change

The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) will host its 15th Dialogue on Forest, Governance and Climate Change, on 19 March 2014. Participants at the event in Washington, DC, US, will take stock of the agreement reached on REDD+ at the Warsaw Climate Change Conference as well as international efforts to promote the establishment of forest carbon rights in forested countries. The discussion is expected to consider opportunities and challenges presented by these developments and steps to ensure that the rights of Indigenous Peoples and other local communities are enhanced and safeguarded. Topics to be addressed include: what happened in Warsaw with implications for carbon rights and safeguards?; the status of forest carbon rights today; the World Bank methodological framework: status, challenges and opportunities; and the way forward on carbon rights, safeguards and REDD.  

date: 19 March 2014   location: Washington D.C., US   contact: RRI   www: http://www.rightsandresources.org/events.php?id=965