19-20 May 2011 Rome, Lazio, Italy
Expert Meeting on Governance of Forests and REDD+

This meeting, organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), World Bank, UN-REDD Programme and Chatham House, aims to encourage coordinated monitoring and assessment of REDD+ and forest governance. It will mark the joint launch of two new tools to assist practitioners: the Guidance Framework for Monitoring REDD+ Governance developed by UN-REDD and Chatham House; and the Framework for Assessing and Monitoring Forest Governance emerging from the 2010 Stockholm meeting on forest governance led by the World Bank and FAO. Working sessions will be organised to enable a discussion of piloting processes, identify key points to test and consider the governance monitoring needs of different stakeholders (governments, private sector, local communities, etc.).  

dates: 19-20 May 2011   venue: FAO Headquarters   location: Rome, Italy   contact: Emelyne Cheney   e-mail: Emelyne.Cheney@fao.org   www: http://www.fao.org/climatechange/unredd/70092/en/  

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