19 February 2013 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
European Forest Week Preparatory Meeting

This preparatory meeting will facilitate idea-sharing between organizations and take note of events planned for the Second European Forest Week, an initiative of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) highlighting the contribution from forests and forest products to the green economy. European Forest Week will be held 9-13 December 2013, in Rovaniemi, Finland, in parallel to Metsä2013, the joint session of the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission.  

date: 19 February 2013   venue: Room IV, Palais des Nations   location: Geneva, Switzerland   contact: Eve Charles   www: http://www.unece.org/forests/efw-feb2013.html  

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