4-5 April 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia
CTI-CFF Public Private Partnership Preparation

This expert meeting aims to: introduce and build better understanding of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept as it applies to sustainable fisheries in Coral Reef Triangle Initiative (CTI) member countries; develop better and suitable PPP arrangements that allow member countries to actively participate in the development of PPP activities related to improved sustainable fisheries practices (i.e. CDT systems in seafood value-chains); and establish a quasi PPP task force to assist in the development and preparation of countries' PPP proposals and arrangements.

It is organized by the Coral Reef Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Food and Fisheries (CTI-CFF) and USAID.

dates: 4-5 April 2018
venue: Aryaduta Hotel
location: Jakarta, Indonesia
www: http://www.coraltriangleinitiative.org/node/9110#objectives

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