31 January - 9 February 2012 Cebu, Philippines
Climate Change Adaptation for Coastal Communities and Training of Trainers Course

This is the second of two climate change adaptation training courses developed based on a similar course that 14 Coral Triangle representatives attended in 2011 at the Coastal Resources Center at the University of Rhode Island (CRC). The University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, the hub of Climate Change Adaptation Learning Network will be the lead trainer. The training, which will consist of the Climate Change Adaptation Course for Coastal Communities (8 days) and the Training of Trainers course (2 days), aims to: strengthen the ability of national and local governments, as well as organization teams, to identify climate change risks and assess adaptation options for critical coastal infrastructure, habitats and vulnerable segments of society; lead an integrated local early action planning process for climate change adaptation; plan a local vulnerability assessment and identify early actions for climate change adaptation in one or two priority/demo sites; strengthen a national resource team to support the national and local actions as the country teams move toward implementation and replication of the curriculum, adaption planning and implementation actions; promote the contribution of core team of national managers and resource persons from Malaysia and the Philippines to regional Coral Triangle Initiative capacity and future replication and sharing.  

dates: 31 January – 9 February 2012   location: Cebu, Philippines   contact: Miledel Christine Quibilan   phone: +632-4336063   e-mail: magsquibilan@yahoo.com   www: http://www.coraltriangleinitiative.org/events/climate-change-adaptation-coastal-communities-and-training-trainers-course  

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