6-7 October 2011 Venice, Veneto, Italy
CLIMALPTOUR-Climate Change and its Impact on Tourism in the Alpine Space

This conference will provide an overview of the CLIMALPTOUR Project, which aims to make Alpine centers an interesting destination in all seasons and to increase their potential even if snow is lacking. Project partners, which include the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), are working together to find out concrete adaptation strategies that can be used by civil services and stakeholders to face this new situation and go beyond the traditional vision of winter sports.  

dates: 6-7 October 2011   location: Venice, Italy   contact: Giulia Sechi UNEP Vienna-Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention   phone: +43-1 26060-4454   fax: +43-1 26060-7-5338   e-mail: giulia.sechi@unvienna.org   www: http://www.climalptour.eu/content/  

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