29-30 October 2019 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
Beijing+25 Regional Review Meeting – UNECE Region

Over 700 people are expected to participate in this meeting to review the progress made on the commitments of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, 25 years after its adoption at the Fourth World Conference on Women

The Beijing+25 Regional Review Meeting is jointly hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and UN Women. It will showcase policy approaches to remove structural barriers to gender equality, and provide a platform for discussing SDG 5 (gender equality) and its contributions to the Beijing Declaration's commitments.

A civil society forum will take place the day before the review meeting, on 28 October, to gather recommendations from gender equality advocates.

regional synthesis report of national reviews on gender equality has been prepared by 51 UNECE member States.

dates: 29-30 October 2019
location: Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
contact: UN Women
www: http://www.unece.org/beijing25.html