1-4 October 2013 Manila, Philippines
Asia LEDS Forum 2013

The Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Forum 2013 is convening under the theme 'Putting LEDS into Practice'. The 2013 Forum will employ a variety of interactive formats to support peer learning and sharing, building communities of practice, and skills acquisition to support LEDS implementation. Technical content will focus on key areas of LEDS implementation, including engaging stakeholders, securing finance, selecting appropriate tools and assessing impacts. The event, hosted by the Philippines Climate Change Commission, with support from Asia LEDS Partnership (ALP) members, including USAID, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), AusAID and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), will follow pre-meetings and side events to be held on 30 September. The Asia LEDS Forum brings together policymakers, donors, practitioners and other experts involved in enabling low-emission, climate-resilient development in Asia.  

dates: 1-4 October 2013   location: Manila, Philippines   contact: Sandra Khananusit, ALP Secretariat   e-mail: Sandra.Khananusit@icfi.com   www: http://forums.asialeds.org