29-30 September 2011 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Challenge for Global Ports

Organized by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), this meeting will provide a platform for expert discussions on how best to improve the understanding of climate change impacts on ports and develop effective and appropriate adaptation response measures. It will bring together policy makers and planning authorities, port industry representatives and operators, port users, relevant international organizations, as well as scientists and engineers, to share their insights and discuss relevant issues with a view to identifying: vulnerabilities and risks; associated adaptation requirements; existing best practices, information and data sources; issues requiring further study, including data requirements; and partners and mechanisms for effective collaboration.  

dates: 29-30 September 2011   venue: Palais des Nations   location: Geneva, Switzerland   contact: Regina Asariotis   phone: +41 22 917 5641   fax: +41 22 917 0050   e-mail: regina.asariotis@unctad.org   www: http://www.unctad.org/Templates/meeting.asp?intItemID=2068&lang=1&m=21884&info=not