27-29 May 2020 Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (virtual)
6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity Development for the Water Sector [Virtual]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the format for this event has changed to an online event. 

IHE Delft is organizing the 6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity Development for the Water Sector. The Symposium aims to build on the concepts of capacity development and move towards an implementation science. Themes to be addressed at the Symposium include: 

  • Unpacking and redefining the nature and goals of capacity development;
  • Capacity for water agencies and the water sector as a whole to operate under conditions of risk, complexity and uncertainty;
  • Capacity for negotiation and for managing risk and conflict in water services, river basins and international waters;
  • Capacity for helping water organizations such as utilities, water boards, ministries, private operators and water users (NGOs, CSOs, and other community groups) to become better targeted, more resilient and more effective through deeper partnerships for the extension of water services, especially the ‘last-mile’ to reach the more vulnerable and poor communities;
  • Capacity in the water and financial sectors to ensure sustained and sustainable financing;  
  • Capacity to accelerate knowledge-sharing and commitment among individuals and organizations, across civil society; and 
  • Capacity to optimize the use of new ‘big data’, ICT, artificial intelligence, internet-based communication, and other enabling e-based technologies to strengthen institutional and individual capacity.

dates: 27-29 May 2020
location: Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands (virtual)
www: https://www.unwater.org/6th-international-symposium-on-knowledge-and-capacity-for-the-water-sector/

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