8-9 July 2014 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
31st Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Group on Earth Observations

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) will convene the 31st meeting of its Executive Committee (ExCom) from 8-9 July 2014, in Geneva, Switzerland. The ExCom guides the work of GEO and the activities of the GEO Secretariat. The 13 members of ExCom represent the regions of Africa, Americas, Asia/Oceania, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Europe.  

dates: 8-9 July 2014   location: Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland   contact: GEO Secretariat   phone: +41 22 730 8505   fax: +41 22 730 8520   e-mail: secretariat@geosec.org   www: https://www.earthobservations.org/meet_excom.shtml

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