6-8 June 2014 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
2nd World Summit of Legislators

The 2nd World Summit of Legislators is expected to be the world's largest conference of parliamentarians, with over 500 participants representing legislative assemblies from all over the world in attendance. Parliamentarians at the three-day summit, which will take place at the Mexican Congress, are expected to agree to and ratify a resolution on climate, natural capital and forest legislation. This meeting follows the first World Summit of Legislators, which convened from 15-17 June 2012, in the Tiradentes Palace, the original seat of the Brazilian Congress. Since this first meeting, the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE) has established the GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative (GCLI), the GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative (GNCI) and the GLOBE Forest Legislation Initiative (GFLI), all of which will report to the 2nd Summit, as well as provide national legislation examples put forward by GLOBE legislators. The GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative (GNCI) seeks to raise awareness on the benefits of ecosystem valuation and wealth accounting, in order to establish a political support-base for the introduction and long-term uptake of the natural capital approach. Twitter: #WSL2014.  

dates: 6-8 June 2014   venue: Mexican Congress   location: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico   contact: GLOBE & World Summit of Legislators International Secretariat Office   phone: +44 (0) 20 7222 6960   fax: +44 (0) 20 7222 6959   e-mail: secretariat@globeinternational.org   www: http://www.globeinternational.org/news/item/mexico-to-host-2nd-world-summit-of-legislators-6th-8th-june-2014