5-9 March 2012 Asuncion, Nueva Asuncion, Paraguay
27th Meeting of the Forestry Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (COFLAC 27)

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) regional forestry commission serving Latin America and the Caribbean will hold its biennial meeting to review and coordinate the application of forestry policies in the region and exchange information among officials from LAC countries responsible for the sector. COFLAC 27 is to focus on the sustainable management of forests, and forests and climate change.  

dates: 5-9 March 2012   location: Asuncion, Paraguay   contact: FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean   phone: +562-9232100   fax: +562-9232101   www: http://www.rlc.fao.org/en/agenda/27-session-of-the-lacfc/  

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