21-22 June 2012 Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
18th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board

The Adaptation Fund Board supervises and manages the Adaptation Fund under the authority and guidance of the countries that are party to the Kyoto Protocol. The Board is composed of 16 members and 16 alternates: two representatives from each of the United Nations regional groupings; one representative of the small island developing States; one representative of the least developed country parties; two other representatives from Annex I parties; and two other representatives from non-Annex I parties.  

dates: 21-22 June 2012   venue: UNFCCC Secretariat   location: Bonn, Germany   contact: Marcia Levaggi   phone: +1 (202) 473-6390   e-mail: mlevaggi@thegef.org   www: http://www.adaptation-fund.org/page/calendar  

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