20-24 March 2017 Washington D.C., US
18th Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

The 2017 World Bank Land and Poverty conference will present the latest research and practice on the diversity of reforms, interventions, and innovations in the land sector around the world. It will convene under the theme, 'Responsible Land Governance: Towards an Evidence-Based Approach'. The Conference will focus on the role of data and evidence for realizing land policy reform, and identify strategies for working at scale and monitoring achievements. Thematic sessions will address, inter alia: research on land governance and rigorous impact evaluations; delivering land administration services at scale; harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms, and other data technologies; land and urbanization; land for infrastructure, investment, disaster risk reduction; and securing land rights for equity, sustainability and resilience.  

dates: 20-24 March 2017  
venue: World Bank Headquarters, 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433  
location: Washington D.C., US  
contact: Land Conference 2017  
e-mail: landconference@worldbank.org  
www: http://www.worldbank.org/en/events/2016/08/22/land-and-poverty-conference-2017-responsible-land-governance-towards-an-evidence-based-approach