14-17 December 2010 Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
17th ILO American Regional Meeting

This meeting is convened by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and is intended to provide a forum for tripartite delegations to express their opinions on the themes addressed by the Report prepared by the Director-General of the ILO for this meeting. The Meeting will host a series of four Dialogues about issues related to the lessons of the crisis for the World of Work, decent work challenges, and innovative experiences, including green jobs.  

dates: 14-17 December 2010   location: Santiago, Chile   contact: Jean Maninat, ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean   phone: +511 615 0379   fax: +511 615 0403   e-mail: airaldi@oit.org.pe   www: http://www.oit.org.pe/americas2010/ENG/  

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