6-14 November 2012 Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
14th Session of the WMO Commission for Hydrology (CHy-14)

CHy-14 will meet in mid-November to undertake the regular business of the WMO CHy. The agenda includes: reports on the Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (HWRP); decisions of the WMO Congress and Executive Council of relevance to the HWRP; the HWRP contribution to WMO priorities; quality management framework – hydrology; data operations and management; water resources assessment; flood and drought management; water and climate issues; capacity building in hydrology and water resources management; cooperation with water-related programmes of other organizations; future programme of work of the commission; and WMO strategic plan 2016-2019 and monitoring and evaluation of the HWRP.  

dates: 6-14 November 2012   venue: WMO Headquarters   location: Geneva, Switzerland   e-mail: chy@wmo.int   www: http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/hwrp/chy/chy14/index.php#three