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Information on Listserve Subscription Settings & Submissions

Information on Listserve Subscription Settings & Submissions

Dear Colleagues,

This email contains information on how to manage your listserve subscription settings and make a submission to the listserve that is consistent with the guidelines and formatting preferences.

Please note that the listserve traffic will increase considerably for CLIMATE-L during COP17/CMP7. To help us limit the number of emails during this time, please send only one email announcing your side event, workshop or publication, and refrain from sending follow-up announcements.

Subscription Settings

If you would like to decrease the number of emails you receive, you will want to change your subscription settings to MIME Digest, which means you will receive your messages in a single, daily email rather than one at a time, as they are sent to the listserve.

In order to change your settings, click the following link and select “Not Logged In” on the top right hand screen. Enter your e-mail address and then click on the “My Account” tab on the left hand side of the screen. Under membership type, select “Mime Digest: One daily email with that day's message in MIME format.”

When you change your settings, make sure you click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. If you would like me to change your subscription settings for you, please send an email to

Listserve Guidelines

The moderator will approve announcements that are suitable to an international audience and are relevant to the listserve focus; typical announcements include job announcements (with specific information for CLIMATE-L below), publications, online resources, and conference information.

In addition, postings should:

  • Be tailored to the purpose of the listserve. Generic messages (i.e. related to environmental education or governance) should not be sent to the list; please personalize messages to the list topic;
  • Include the Internet address (URL) rather than attached files. The listserve software will only accept emails that are smaller than 2.5 MB. If you must attach a file, small PDF files are always preferred;
  • Be relevant to an international audience and relate to events, publications and activities at this level (rather than posting information about local events, for example). If possible, please indicate opportunities for listserve members to follow meeting proceedings by way of webcast or a written summary online;
  • Be accessible to listserve members. Access to academic articles and resources should not be limited by journals requiring membership or payment. In addition, if you are sharing information for a book publication please include information for how listserve members can access review copies if relevant;
  • Be relevant to the specific listserve. If you are making an announcement related to energy it should go to ENERGY-L. If you also post it to CLIMATE-L there should be a clear and explicit connection between your announcement and climate change; and
  • Be associated with an institution or organization rather than personal research or projects. The listserves are just too large for us to allow individuals to send requests for surveys or input to personal research.

In addition, we do not accept press releases, commercial postings, news stories, polemic statements or postings intended to create discussion.

Additional information about the listserves

If you are sending an email to multiple listserves, please use the exact same text for each message, opening with a generic “Dear Colleagues” rather than a different greeting for each listserve, so that our listserve software can filter out duplicate posts;

  • Any CLIMATE-L job announcements should be sent through Ms. Daniela Tarizzo ( in the following standard format:

    • Organization's Name:
    • Organization's Website:
    • Post Title/Position:
    • Link to Vacancy Announcement: (attach file only if there is not a link available - maximum 55 kb). Please note that your attachments might not be added if they exceed 55kb
    • Duty Station:(please INDICATE both city/ies and country/ies)
    • Deadline for Applications:
    • Contact Person: (please INSERT all complete phone/fax prefixes)
    • Special Requirements: (ONLY for info on BINDING/RESTRICTIVE criteria; nationality, language, legal/logistical issues, etc.)
  • Please send only one announcement per upcoming event, such as a conference or side event. If your announcement relates to a conference scheduled to be held months in advance, then please limit your postings to one per month.

It is helpful to create a filter or rule on your inbox if you are going to send an email to the list and wish to avoid receiving auto replies. To do this, you can create a filter on the terms “vacation” or “automatic,” which will make most auto replies bypass your inbox.

Please double check before sending an email to the listserve to ensure that all of the URLs are active, as we are unable to make corrections to outgoing messages.

If you feel that your posting has been rejected in error, please send us a friendly message with a well-reasoned argument for why your posting should be sent out.

An Example Format for an IISD RS Email

As always, if you have any feedback, questions or comments please do not hesitate to email me at

Best wishes,